Valentines Workshops

Valentines Workshops

Love is in the Air

Valentines at Leeds LGI- Teenage Unit and Children’s Clinic

With the help of our wonderful artists Jane and Jacqui, everyone in the teenage unit and the children’s clinic were full of love at the Valentines Workshops.

Our talented artists ran two workshops, one for the Teenage unit, and one for the Children’s clinic.

Adults and children at the clinic expressed their love through the creation of heart bookmarks and hangers. Similar to previous Valentines workshops the children used the popular stamps to create patterns on their bookmarks.

Some participants were in isolation during the workshop but they did not miss out. Our artist supplied brooches and encouraged the teens to get creative, decorating the brooches with their parents.

In addition to the bookmarks, the budding artists were given the opportunity to create beautiful key rings adorned with beads and tassels.

The children carefully constructed the tassels using wool.

Glass and metallic beads were then threaded onto the handmade tassels.
Their creations were then added to the key rings and some chose to add further decoration finishing their piece with a Clay heart.

The use of tassels seemed to be very popular in both of the Valentines workshops, lots of the participants commented how it was a creative and enjoyable process.



Everyone expressed how they loved taking part in the workshop activities and getting the chance to spend time together making little gifts for each other.