Rise of the Art Picnic

Rise of the Art Picnic

So here we sit, halfway out of an extended stay at home period. The words ‘stay at home’, instead of lockdown, are deliberately being used because language matters. It is the filter through which we see our world and so base our deepest emotions upon. And staying positively upbeat is the key, to getting to the other side of this very peculiar time, in a good way.

Looking Forward

We can now look forward to cinemas, pubs, and that long awaited trip to the hairdressers! Saturday July 4th is glowing so brightly in our diaries and wall calendars. However, some of us may find we are hesitant to leave our safeguarding inward exile, so taking baby steps to finding our joys in the outside world again are really ok. It’s still progress in the right direction.


There is a lot to talk about. We have both a collective experience and an individual one. Some have thrived, others not so much. And then there is the knowledge that the virus is still here. It isn’t going to magically disappear just yet. So we are all learning to live with it’s presence and gently adapt, as and when we need to.


There is still, however, a need to decompress from the initial trauma. In this present state of halfway out of our home stay, we are still subservient to our ever changing emotions, waiting to see how we feel, before acting. Just as we are to the weather, checking our weather app constantly, for signs of change, so we know what precautions to take.

So how can we get past that stage? What can we do to help ourselves find that inner joy and love of life again? We can heal, through art.

Distant Socialising

So how about distant socialising rather than social distancing? How about an art picnic with friends and family? A get together in a local park with your pots of paint, paper, and snacks that delight. All taking place at the obligatory  and safe two metre distance. An art picnic is a chance to be with people without pressure. This is not about being an artist, but rather about simply ‘being’. When there is a shared activity, it is easy to settle into comfortable chatter, or gentle quietness of enjoyment. At DABF we believe deeply in the healing power of, and in taking solace in, art. So get your wonderfully colourful paints at the ready, get the comforting picnic blanket out and make hay while the sun shines! And happily heal with art.