Trustees Visit Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice

Trustees Visit Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice

A Home from Home

On Friday 14th December Trustees were welcomed into Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

We met our good friend Julie Booth, Bluebell Woods Trust and Legacy Fundraiser.

Straight away we were dazzled by the beautiful enchanting Christmas wonderland they have created in the lounge and dining area.

A Beautiful Enchanting Winter Wonderland Scene


The inviting lounge has a friendly informal atmosphere. Both children and adults enjoy the time spent here.

A Young Boy was happily playing on the floor when we arrived.

Someone had been having fun playing in the lounge.

Even our Trustees got a bit giddy and couldn’t resist a selfie with the Reindeer in the Winter Wonderland Scenery


An awful lot of careful planning and thought goes into making the whole Hospice a friendly and inviting place all year round. The Hospice radiates so much love and you get an idea of the passion all the staff have for the young people and their family and carers who come through the front doors.

Julie gave us a guided tour around Bluebell Wood and showed us some of the renovations that have taken place since our last visit.

The ceiling lights provide a bright path through the corridors for the children.

Gorgeous ceiling lights recently installed are testament to the thoughtfulness and attention to detail that is given to each area of the Hospice. Each and every child that comes to the Hospice feels loved and important. The ceiling lights provide moments of peace and happiness for children who through illness and/ or immobility are confined to their beds. As the children are transported through the corridors they can see the bright visions of a summers sky and soothing images of nature.

A second beautiful ceiling light installation.

What beautifully lit images of a summers sky lining the ceilings at Blue Bell Wood.


A bright Jolly Santa statue next to the Jukebox and Christmas Tree in the lounge

“£11,000 needs to be raised every day so our doors can stay open, and only around 10% of our funding comes from the government. Everything else is paid for by the wonderful work that you do” BlueBell Wood Childrens Hospice






Get Involved

Julie expressed they are currently looking for funding to refurbish the Sensory Room, this is an important room that provides stimulation and therapy in a safe environment. It is a lifeline for many children and the refurbishment would be a much need enhancement to the services they already offer. Other fundraising towards service support such as bereavement counselling, sibling support, music therapy and short breaks are always on going and any donations are gladly received to keeping these vital services running.

If you would like to donate or fundraise to help Bluebell Wood there are so many ways you can get involved. Check out their Fundraising Page on their website by clicking the link Here.


Arts and Crafts

We were shown into the beautiful arts and crafts room.

The Arts and Crafts Room, where a parent was having some free time to unwind and make some beautiful Christmas decorations

This is a room that is especially significant to Daniel Barnett Arts Foundation, and it was lovely to see the room being used by parents and carers to create Christmas decorations, I am sure these decorations and the memories of creating them will be treasured for years to come.

Intricate designs created a glittery Christmas Decoration using a dotting technique.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit, and having the time to explore the Hospice with Julie, seeing some old  friendly faces and meeting some new ones too.

Our visit ended with Julie gratefully receiving our donation of £200.00 which is going towards art equipment for their messy play room. We think it is money well spent for such a deserving cause, and I am sure you do too.

Diane Barnett Charity Founder (Left Front) handing over the donation Cheque to Julie Booth (Right Front)
With Trustees Angela Suphanit (Center Left) and Sue Ryder (Center Right)


 Click Here To find out more about Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice and the work that they do.
Article composed and written by Angela Suphanit