Summer Workshop at LGI – Aug 11th

Summer Workshop at LGI – Aug 11th

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

Our latest workshop was a summer stamping workshop held at LGI on Aug 11th by our wonderful artist Emma.

The sun may have been a little bit shy for most of the summer holidays so far but the children and teenagers taking part on the day were full of bright ideas and really shined.

The children carved their own designs on small pieces of syrofoam, using a pencil tip. These were attached to a bottle-top with double sided sticky tape to create a handle. We used little plastic glasses for children that struggled to hold the smaller handles. Our artists were really creative and were making patterns, faces , animals and hearts to name a few. Ink was placed in trays (with felt glued in the bottom) and then stamps were pressed onto the felt and printed onto paper. The paper was cut into shapes of fish, balloons, sunbathers ice creams, fish and lollies.

Help was given to the younger children  and on the ward we made 5 portable printing trays for children in isolation to use so that no one was left out.