Leeds September Workshop

Leeds September Workshop

Children’s Cancer Awareness Month Workshop.

The theme for September was ‘GOING FOR GOLD


On the 20th September 2018 our artists Jacquie and Emma attended Leeds Royal infirmary to do a gold themed workshop, they made golden fish and sunken treasure chests. The children drew and decorated fantastic fishes. They filled the chest with a tenfold of gold treasure. The children used a wide array of shiney fabric, paper, card and embellishments to create some amazing  pictures.


Jacqui“The workshop went very well with the children taking part in more than one project, its always good when they cant get enough. We also got some lovely feedback from the parents which always makes it worth while as they can see the good that it does”









Pictured below is all the art we made at our workshop..



Thank you for your continued support.

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