International Nurses Day 2020

International Nurses Day 2020

12th May 2020 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale and the International Day of the Nurse.

Nurses account for more than half of all health care workers in the world. They do a fantastic job at providing effective and respectful care to millions of people around the globe.

The COVID-19 outbreak has demonstrated even more the vital role that nurses play in supporting our sick and vulnerable. Along with providing essential medial support nurses also offer emotional comfort to patients and their families. Nurses often risk their own health, and even their lives, to support those in need. We are so grateful for the hard work of all nurses and health care workers during this epidemic.

To honour the nurses and health professionals who have tragically passed away during the corona virus pandemic, the WHO (World Health Organisation) are encouraging everyone to light a candle and remember the brave lives that have been lost. You can can share a photo of your lit candle and any thoughts and reflections using the hashtag #RememberHealthHeroes.

Once again, thank you nurses and the NHS for all you do!