Art and World Alzheimer’s Month

Art and World Alzheimer’s Month

The process of creating art and the sense of achievement & enjoyment found within this process is known to boost a persons mood and self esteem. Artistic engagement has also been found to help stimulate memory and help ease anxiety, agitation & depression. Studies show art can enhance brain function and have an impact on brain wave patterns and emotions.

September 2020 marks the ninth World Alzheimer’s Month; a month dedicated to helping to raise awareness and challenge the stigma and misconceptions that surround dementia.

Dementia is the term used to describe a range of different brain disorders that can affect a person’s memory, thought processes, behaviour and emotions. Symptoms can vary massively from person to person but common early signs include memory loss, difficulty with performing familiar tasks, changes in personality and confusion with language.

It is estimated that over 46 million people in the world are currently living with dementia and a new case is diagnosed worldwide every three seconds.

There is lots of stigma attached to a dementia diagnosis and often it is the family of the dementia sufferer who takes on the stress and strain due to a lack of knowledge and support available. This can lead to families and carers feeling ignored and isolated when they are most in need of support and encouragement from their community.

Help and Support!

One huge way in which dementia sufferers and their carers can be supported is by accessing arts based projects. Studies conducted at the Dementia Research Centre at University College London have shown that engaging in arts based activities empowers people living with dementia and enriches life for them and those around them. Activities involving art or music have been proven to bring instant relief from stress and loneliness to dementia patients, and can have a positive impact on their moods for as long as a week afterwards. Arts based projects can also help to maximise cognitive function, support social interaction, promote a sense of self expression and aid communication between family and friends.

So what better reason to get those pencils and paint brushes out, create something wonderful and completely re-energise your mind.

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