Steve Holbrook- An Evening of Clairvoyance

Steve Holbrook- An Evening of Clairvoyance

02 Jun, 2019 Wickersley Library

Di Barnett

On Sunday the 2nd June 2019 at 7:30pm Steve Holbrook has been invited to hold an Evening of Clairvoyance at Wickersley Library.

A night of spiritual mediumship not to be missed!

Ticket sales from the event will help to raise funds for Daniel Barnett Arts Foundation.

“For some, death opens up more questions about why we are here”


“I am clairaudient and during my demonstrations I am able to give individual messages to people in the audience. These messages that I am able to hear, are from family or friends who have died – and can be in various accents and dialects.”- Steve Holbrook


If you would like to know more about Steve please visit his website here

If you have never been to a mediumship event Steve explains what the evening involves here on his Event demonstration description on his website.


“I travel the UK giving public demonstrations of Mediumship and Clairvoyance – so that people can see for themselves that I do have a rare gift – and that life continues after our physical death”


All Welcome ( ages 16+)

Please book your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

Hot drinks, light refreshments and raffle tickets will be on sale on the night. All the proceeds from food, beverages and the raffle will go to Daniel Barnett Arts Foundation and boost funds raised from ticket sales.

Venue  Wickersley Library

286 Bawtry Rd S66 1JJ

Sunday 2nd of June 2019 7.30pm
Ticket Price £12
Call Diane Barnett to purchase a ticket:
07515 831 694