Looking Back Over 2018- Moving Forward into 2019

Looking Back Over 2018- Moving Forward into 2019

01 Jan, 2019

Wow! What a Year 2018 has been!

Trustees and volunteers are invited to The X- Factor as VIPs

So much has happened in 2018, and to round the Year off we thought we would share some of the big changes and amazing things that have happened in 2018.

Saying Goodbye

In the line of Charity work DBAF rely totally on the time given freely by our Trustees and volunteers. We understand that naturally some things come to an end as commitments at work and home change.

At the beginning of 2018 we sadly said goodbye to three of our Trustees Katie, Kerry, and Alex.


These Trustees were crucial in the early successes of Daniel Barnett Arts Foundation and we will be forever grateful for all their time and hard work they gave to help build and promote DBAF.

As they moved on to new ventures at the beginning of the Year we wished them only the best of luck, and hope they will continue to stay in touch in years to come.

Welcoming New Trustees and Volunteers

Although we said goodbye at the beginning of 2018, we also said hello! Angela was welcomed onto the DBAF Trustee board. Angela came on board as Treasurer and has been helping the Charity with  the day to day accounting, policy making, administrative tasks and events. We are extremely pleased to have Angela join the team and look forward to her work moving into 2019 looking at funding.

We also welcomed an old friend back onto the team. Joanne has once again kindly offered to give her time in a voluntary position, we are extremely grateful to Joanne giving her time to help out during meetings and events.

Finally, we would like to thank Katie Walker for all of her time and help.

Katie has worked for us, and provided us with media and photography services at various events throughout the year. We are happy to say we have her continued support in 2019.


DBAF Trustees are excited to advise that we will have some more new volunteers and partnerships starting this year, these are due to be announced later in January. We believe this will Reinforce the current team of Trustees and volunteers, working together to continue building new opportunities and driving the vision of Daniel Barnett Arts Foundation.

Diane Barnett- Charity Founder


“Thank you to all our Trustees and Volunteers, without you none of the work we do would be possible. You selflessly give your time and for that we are forever grateful.”


(Left to Right- Back) Sue Ryder, Joanne Outram (Left to Right- Front) Katie Walker, Diane Barnett, Angela Suphanit

Workshops Galore!

This Year we have been busy! DBAF has provided Workshops throughout the Year at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Leeds LGI, and QMC Nottingham.



Fabulous!          Inspiring!   Technical       Fun!  

As usual our talented artists have been facilitating art workshops with a variety of seasonal and occasional themes.


We hope the workshops have brought much joy and lots of happy memories for all the children, teenagers, and young adults involved.

The variety and quality of work has been outstanding and we can’t wait to see what the children will create in the workshops in 2019.



In 2018 we also successfully provided 12 sessions of one-to-one tutoring for Oscar.

Artist- Em Smith

The feedback received has been extremely positive and based on this we are hoping to provide similar opportunities in 2019.

We are so thankful to the talented group of artists who prepare, plan and work tirelessly to think of new imaginative ideas and creative workshops throughout the Year. Their experience and skills are truly humbling.

Designed by our talented artist Emma and painted by the Teenage Cancer Unit.

We are always enthused by the quality of the tutoring and the nurturing approach they take. Their ability to help each young artist to flourish in their work is delightful and most importantly they aim to ensure all the attendees enjoy the workshop experience regardless of ability or age.

DBAF approved Artists- (Back, from left to right) Kat and Zoe, (Front, from left to right) Jacquie, Lizzy and Geldria

In 2019 we look forward to building on the current provision of Workshops, and hopefully with extra funding we will begin to drive forward more workshops and one-to-one tutoring.



Our Charity Founder and Trustees have had some fantastic opportunities to promote the Charity, further the cause and meet some very influential people.

X- Factor, meeting Simon Cowell

X- Factor, meeting Louis Tomlinson

X- Factor, meeting Sam Black

Western Park Charity Ball- Meeting Peter Andre

Limited Edition Feather Paintings Donated to other Charities

Local Author Terry Lowell Reading “Santa Baby” poem.

Trustees are always working hard to promote DBAF and other local charities and causes.

Coming together to build communities, grow friendships and create opportunities for everyone.

Diane Barnett Charity Founder (Left Front) handing over the donation Cheque to Julie Booth at Bluebell Wood (Right Front) With Trustees Angela Suphanit (Center Left) and Sue Ryder (Center Right)

Supporting Rotherham Hospice Santa Dash 2018

Supporting Rotherham Hospice Santa Dash 2018- Saying hello to our friends Powerhouse Sound & Light Ltd

Meeting The Mayor of Rotherham Cllr Alan Buckley











We are so grateful for all the experiences of 2018, and as ever we are hopeful for new opportunities in 2019.


We have been fortunate to have an existing Partnership with Rotherham School of Music that will continue on and hopefully develop in 2019.

Working together DBAF have already started to help underfunded schools gain the funding needed to provide access to music workshops that benefit the whole School.

Throughout 2018 Badsley Moor Primary School had the privilege of Music workshop provision within their school through DBAF, and in 2019 we begin a new Year with a new school.

We are pleased to announce we will be enabling Brinsworth Howarth Primary access to funding for a Year of music workshops.

We can’t wait to hear all about their progress and experience, and hopefully later in the Year attend one of their concerts.


We have had some fabulous fundraising efforts throughout 2018. From our first ever 80’s night to our annual cake day, and our most recent Christmas Cafe.

80’s Night

Trustees and Volunteers at the 80’s Night 2018

DBAF Annual Cake Day

Diane- Cake Day 2018

John Barnett- Cake Day 2018


DBAF Dress Sales









DBAF Christmas Cafe

Christmas Cafe Event- Held at Zias Takeaway and Minimart Parkgate


External fundraisers

Billy after completing the Boston Marathon

Motown Evening

Billy Mathis Boston Marathon

Isobel Davidson Sheffield 10k



Bake Sales


Zoe Grice Limited Edition Prints Auction

RUFC signed Football

We are deeply and truly thankful to all our supporters who raise money and donate to the DBAF charity.



We currently completely rely on fundraising events and your generous donations.We appreciate the time and effort that goes into raising every penny, and for all the lovely raffle prizes that have been gifted to DBAF.

Donation- Original Paul Freeman Painting

Isobel completed the Sheffield 10k and raised money for DBAF










You are the reason we can continue to work within hospitals and within the community bringing a variety of arts and creative outlets to those who need it most.


From all the Trustees at DBAF, 


Sneak Preview of what’s to come in 2019

*NEW*Gifted Memories Photo Projects- Working with Katie Walker Photography and Andy Ellam Creative Studios.

Annual Cake Day 

Workshops- Offering more Arts, crafts, and music workshops in a variety of settings

Bereavement Workshops- A chance to meet other parents who have lost a child and experience a creative outlet in a supporting and friendly environment. After the success of our first Bereavement workshop in December 2018 we look forward to holding these free workshops regularly though out 2019.

One-To-One tutoring

Rotherham Music Partnership– Bringing music into underfunded schools

And much, much more….

Get Involved in 2019 

Join us

We are always on the look out for new volunteers with various opportunities throughout the year in events/ social media/ admin.

We are also currently looking for competent qualified artists/ crafters and workshop facilitators.

If you want to get involved as a volunteer or become part of the team as an artist please contact us via email

Get Fundraising!

Every year we receive donations of money that has been raised externally and this money is used to pay for the workshops and projects we run throughout the Year.

Maybe you want to organise your own event for friends and family to attend, or pledge to give up chocolate, complete a sponsored walk or take part in a sporting event all whilst raising money for DBAF. There are lots of ways you can raise money and how you do it is completely up to you.

One easy way to manage your fundraising for DBAF is to set up a fundraising page through our JustGiving page here then share your fundraising page on social media enabling friends and family to donate securely through JustGiving.

If you need help getting started, or would like to request a fundraising pack please email us

Article created and published by Angela Suphanit