Dan Arts Pack Appeal

Hi everyone Hope you are staying safe !❤️We’ve posted this short message out today to help with our appeal .. Please help share our #danartspackappeal

Posted by Daniel Barnett Arts Foundation on Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Dan Arts Pack Appeal

Change that title into a # and you have #danartspackappeal. The arts pack appeal is launched to assist the current crisis we are facing.

Daniel Barnett Arts Foundation usually provide in house art workshops for children and teens in hospital undergoing treatment for cancer and life-threatening illness. Due to the current Covid 19 outbreak, we are unable to send our artists into the hospitals to provide the distraction and release of the workshops.

We are therefore launching the appeal to ensure the children and teens are still able to access art and the benefits it brings. They may not have visitors and their connection and contact with the outside world severely depleted.

Our arts packs will consist of age-appropriate content that will entertain and bring respite from the current situation.

Di Barnett Founder of Daniel Barnett Arts Foundation

Hi everyone Hope you are staying safe !❤️We’ve posted this short message out today to help with our appeal .. Please help share our #danartspackappeal

Posted by Daniel Barnett Arts Foundation on Wednesday, 25 March 2020
Message from our Founder

We already know the benefits of art and the respite it brings. Therefore we are aiming to roll out the packs to the vulnerable in the community who are all self-isolating or unable to take advantage of the services they depend on.

Such as pensioners who attend weekly luncheon clubs that have been closed. Vulnerable adults with learning difficulties who make use of extended services and groups. They are unable to attend and this is very confusing for them. We want to help those affected by the current social distancing and isolation restrictions that are in force. If we can provide art packs for these vulnerable members of our community and also the knowledge they are not forgotten.

We are looking to create the packs for all ages and extend the service to the wider community during this time for those who are feeling isolated and have seen a cut in the services they receive. These could be elderly attendees at luncheon clubs, vulnerable adults who are no longer able to attend the services they depend on.

The art packs will consist of

  • Backpack / Appropriate storage bag
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Age-related craft products
  • Journal
  • Sketchbooks
  • Colouring books and pages
  • Erasers
  • Pencil Sharpeners

We are looking for companies who would like to sponsor the project long term or those who would want to provide the first 100 packs so we can get them out into the hospitals and in the local community as soon as possible.

Does your business has excess stock or time to help with the appeal due to the current business climate?

The packs will be DBAF branded and we are looking for corporate sponsorship and support to help get this project off the ground.

The management at Beighton Lifestyle Centre has stated we can make use of their facilities for charity work during the crisis. The Centre is currently empty in the community area downstairs as sadly all groups have had to be cancelled or postponed. We can make the packs up in the safe environment of the Lifestyle Centre ensuring the volunteers are safe, using antibacterial cleansing routines and of course observing social distancing.

The Lifestyle Centre know first hand how this is having a huge impact on the local and wider communities. As they are host to tea dances, social clubs, mother and baby groups, dance and fitness groups and home to Burton Street Project adult support.

Di says we can make the packs up as soon as sponsorship and or products are donated, the first packs can be distributed. It is important that awareness is raised regarding our campaign and the ideal sponsor is found as soon as possible.

If you can help and assist in any way then please contact us. Via the contact form or email

To donate to this fabulous cause please click here. All donations, no matter how small are very gratefully received. Thankyou!

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