Tea at the Town Hall

Tea at the Town Hall

This morning, Diane and myself were lucky enough to be invited for tea and biscuits with Cllr Eve Rose Keenan, the Mayor of Rotherham, at the town hall.

More than happy to accept, we spent some time discussing the charity’s events and accomplishments from the year so far and aims and plans for 2018.

The Mayor shared her opinions on the importance of art within the community and it’s amazing power to unite and heal. At DBAF we strongly share that belief and we are always looking for ways we can deliver the opportunity to create and enjoy art to those who can benefit most from it.

There are many people in Rotherham who are facing significant challenges in their lives due to ill health. Some of these people are vulnerable and some isolated, people of all different ages, different walks of life, different individual situations. Art can help all of these people express themselves creatively and offers invaluable therapeutic qualities. As a charity we work tirelessly to make art accessible and as we grow, year by year, the number of people we can help steadily increases.

Cllr Rose Keenan was really impressed by what we do and generously offered to support and assist us in our work within the community along side other charities.

After the meeting, Diane and I were treated to a small tour of the town hall. Inside the town hall, a building which many people walk past daily but seldom visit inside, there was a real feel of ceremony and tradition. We spent a few minutes enjoying the paintings, the photographs of mayors past which adorned the wall and all of the regalia and civic history that is on full display, shining and shimmering in the cabinets.

It was a lovely morning, the Mayors passion and enthusiasm for charity and the arts matched our own and led to a real meeting of minds!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing with you some of the events and projects that we’re now working on thanks to Cllr Rose Keenan‘s generosity and support.

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Sarah and the DBAF Team Xxxx