Feather – Limited edition print for sale

Feather – Limited edition print for sale

Daniel Barnett Arts Foundation are proud to present for sale “feather”.
A limited edition framed print of one of Daniel Barnett’s pieces.


An intricate piece capturing the beauty and simplicity of a feather and all it’s symbolic connotations.
Items of great importance to the Native Americans, feathers represented the characteristics of the birds they came from and the universal spiritual connection.
When we think of the birds who shed the feathers we think of their freedom, travelling and soaring through the sky up towards the heavens.
For many, the feather is a message of love sent from those who are no longer with us or by angels themselves to remind us of their presence and to give us hope during dark days.

If you would be interested in purchasing this piece, please feel free to message us on

All proceeds will go directly to Daniel Barnett Art Foundation.