Drumming up some fun

Drumming up some fun

This year, as part of our Community Arts Project, DBAF have funded music lessons at Badsley Primary School.

Daniel Barnett who’s story inspired the founding of our charity, attended Badsley Primary School and was a talented, creative artist and musician who loved to play the saxophone.

We are so happy that we can offer the current pupils at Badsley the opportunity to learn a new skill and develop a love for music.

Here are some of the comments from the kids:-

I love drumming. We do songs and learn about how to use a drum, ” Megan.

“I love drumming with two hands and use the middle of the drum and the sides for base and tone. I can play it really fast and it makes me laugh. ” Bailey.

“I love drumming because it makes me feel happy when I am playing the drum, ” Mackenzie

“Drumming helps me to get better at my music skills. I would like to teach it to my family,” Delancey.

“It is fun in drumming because I like the loud noise of the drum,” Emma.

“You get to use a real drum in drumming. All my class are happy in drumming” Bilal

Keep up the good work guys!