Corona Virus Art Packs For the Vulnerable

Corona Virus Art Packs For the Vulnerable

As expected due to the Corona Virus Pandemic and moves undertaken by the Government and Health Authorities all Art Workshops taking place in hospitals and in public places have sadly been suspended.

We understand the necessity of this move and fully support the decision for the safety of the patients, their families and of course our artists.

It can be very isolating in hospital for long periods of time and the art workshops we provide help to alleviate the feelings of loneliness and stress that many patients experience.

The Daniel Barnett Arts Foundation still intend to help the vulnerable patients and also the wider community during this challenging time for the Nation.

We are therefore proposing to create Art packs to deliver into hospitals and to vulnerable elder members of the community. We anticipate the art packs will consist of items such as

  • Colouring sheets
  • Friendship bracelet kits
  • Crayons and Pens
  • Small craft items.
  • Workbooks

The art packs will help the recipients to enjoy creativity during the difficult situations and find relief in the arts which is so important to the foundation.

The packs will help recipients enjoy the arts, finding escape from the current situation they find themselves in and discover creativity within the packs. The enjoyment from art and creativity was shown in our previous blog when artists could facilitate the workshops. Creativity through art is a wonderful gift and we are looking forward to supplying art packs to individuals in hospitals and the vulnerable members of the community. They will be designed with all ages and abilities in mind as well as for use in groups when allowed or can be enjoyed as lone activities.

How will the Art Packs be Created and Funded?

With your help!

Di Barnett Founder of the Foundation and the team will be able to make up the packs at base however we will need help sourcing the materials and the actual packs. The Daniel Barnett Arts Foundation are looking for assistance in the creation of the Art Packs.

Can you help?

We are looking for donations of

  • DBAF branded pens, pencils and erasers.
  • Colouring sheets.
  • Colouring books
  • DBAF branded art bags
  • Friendship bracelets and small craft items.
  • Donations to help with delivery costs and purchase of products that are not donated.

All donations will be received with thanks and recognition in future marketing and promotion when carried out by Daniel Barnett Arts Foundation. So the donor’s legacy will be recognised and received with much appreciation.

If you Can Help by Providing any of the much needed resourses for the Art Packs or would like to donate towards the costs please contact us.