A celebration and a goodbye at TRC

A celebration and a goodbye at TRC

On Thursday 21st December members of our charity committee were thrilled to be invited to Thomas Rotherham College for their annual Celebration Awards Evening. The evening was to recognise and celebrate the amazing achievements for the Class of 2017. For us, we were excited to see Charlotte Broadhurst, the recipient of the Daniel Barnett Award.  The Daniel Barnett award is given each year to an outstanding art student along with a cheque from ourselves to offer a small contribution for their ongoing studies. Well Done Charlotte and all the best for your future endeavours.

It was also an opportunity for Diane Barnett, our founder and chairperson, to say a goodbye to TRC head, Dr Richard Williams. Having seen over 10,000 students pass through the college doors during his 10 years as Head, in an interview with Rotherham Advertiser it was Daniel Barnett who he chose as the student who had most stood out to him. It was incredibly touching that it was Daniel who Dr Williams chose to speak about, he described him as “a positive, charming young man” who would have gone on to become “a world renowned artist”. We thank Dr Williams for his help and support over the years and wish him every happiness in his retirement.

Having an award named after Daniel is an honour and the memories he invokes in those who knew him are testament to his wonderful character and determined spirit.

Whilst at school, Daniel had battled through his fight with cancer, determined to carry on his education. During his illness, Daniel received the Princess Diana Award for the ability to improve and inspire the lives of others. He achieved an A Grade GCSE in Art, received an Outstanding Achievement Award and was awarded  the role of Ambassador of Rotherham. After this, and despite his ongoing illness, Daniel was active in charity fundraising, worked hard on his art course at TRC and exhibited his work in many galleries and events, including at Christies Auction House in London. He also earned a place at Goldsmiths University, London which he sadly never got chance to attend.

We are immensely proud of the legacy that Daniel has left, he acts a constant source of positivity, not just in inspiring the work of our charity but in inspiring other aspiring young artists following in his footsteps. It’s a true pleasure to see these young people reach for the stars and we urge them to keep reaching, the sky is truly the limit.

Diane Barnett and Dr Richard Williams



Daniel Barnett at one of his exhibitions