On Tuesday 19th September, Diane and Sarah from the DBAF team were invited to Silverwood Miners for the annual Parkgate & Rawmarsh Ladies Charity Darts League presentation.

We are honoured and grateful to have been sponsored by the ladies darts team from The Star for some years now and we were thrilled to be asked to join them again this year.

Each team within the league sponsors a charity and the players work hard fundraising throughout the year to raise money on their chosen charitys behalf. The dedication, commitment and warmth demonstrated by these ladies year after year is truly humbling and the leagues selected local charities are able to help many of our communities most vulnerable members due to their generosity.

This year was no exception with the league raising an astounding £13,500 between them. Daniel Barnett Arts Foundation were over the moon to be presented with a cheque for £550. This wonderful donation will fund four of our arts and crafts workshops.


In addition to the amazing fundraising, the ladies from The Star won a handful of trophies including the unexpected and well received 3rd place Charity Shield. Good work Ladies!

Everyone had a lovely evening celebrating a years worth of fundraising, sportsmanship and skill. A spokes person from each teams charity was invited to say a few words and hearing just how many people will benefit from the kindness and effort of the Parkgate & Rawmarsh Ladies Charity Darts League was tear jerking.

Amidst the cheques and trophies there was also a load of laughter on the night followed by a scrummy pie and pea supper. Thank you ladies for inviting us to be a part of your night and for your continued support, you really are stars.

Left to right:- Hayley,
Paige, Karon, Sarah, Sue, Diane, Lisa and June

The DBAF Team Xxxx