10 Year Anniversary

10 Year Anniversary

Hello everyone!

The team at Daniel Barnett Arts Foundation have a big year planned for our tenth anniversary. This year we are off to a flying start – ten years for us means ten events and ten reasons to come together as a community with the express goal of providing solace to those who are suffering. Ten times to remember that we have this one precious life. Here is a short summary of what we have in store this year: 

  • 13 February – Ladies Night at Burton Street Sheffield £10
  • 24 April – Fashion Show
  • 17 May – Cake Day
  • May Psychic Night
  • 30th May – Yorkshire 3 Peaks
    (to find out more about 3 Peaks meet at Wickersley Library Rotherham Sunday 12th January at 4pm)
  • July – Arts Awareness Coffee Morning
  • July – ‘Picture This’ local artists and schools competition and Arts Ball
  • Sept – Fire Walk (yes you can!)
  • Oct – Sky Dive (again, yes you can!)
  • Nov – Motown Night

We are full of ideas and we love the restorative power of community as well as the restorative power of art. This year we are bringing these two enduring themes together and we hope that you will join us. 

Why practice art? 

Art practice in any form (music, singing, painting, drawing…the list goes on.. add your own art practice here____________)…

  • restores a sense of control and purpose
  • has a ripple effect – the happiness you get from art effects those around you
  • provides solace – you are never really alone when you practice art and time passes with worry taking a back seat
  • provides a form of escape, when things go badly in life you can leap into this private world of comfort
  • is mood changing

What we do:

The Daniel Barnet Arts Foundation brings the solace of art to individuals of all ages to help them express themselves. Our vision is for individuals who face challenges in life, to find relief from their daily worries and to be inspired to express themselves creatively through any form of art.

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